Dragons in Dungeons

Dragon Fest Registration Open Online

Online, buy an entry pas. Register for D&D Session. Register for D&D Themed Game.

You can now buy your entry passes online in addition to buying them at the D6 Tabletop Cafe. With an entry pass, you can then choose to register for one of the three D&D sessions hosted by Dragons in Dungeons in the Ruins room:

From there, you can also register for a D&D Themed Game played out at one of the reserved tables:

Be sure to check out the schedule and the games. To register, create an account at Dragonsindungeon.com. Then, go to the Register page. 

Stay adventurous.

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The Dragons in Dungeon group strives so hard to deliver inclusive, interactive, imaginative and immersive D&D games for more people to enjoy. We offer

  • campaigns
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We play online and at local game lounges.

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