Dragons in Dungeons


The best games are the ones where everyone participates and enjoys the experience with others. Players new to the game explore alongside veterans remembering all the mechanics. At the table, an incredibly diverse set of people bring unique backgrounds, experiences, personalities and perspectives to a game where they can step outside of themselves and become characters that share a quest. The more diverse group, the more dynamic and imaginative the experience. In the end, Dungeons and Dragons has its chief objective of gathering people in the spirit of play.


Any Dungeons and Dragons game needs to employ the imaginations of all that touch it. The forgers who dream up the world, its monsters, its villains, and its treasures, they must pull hard on the chords of creativity. The game master must conjure up characters and scenes to furnish a compelling story that responds and lives with the actions of its characters. Players seated across from each other at the gaming table must adopt the persona of their character, find their fit with the party and propel the adventure forward.


At the table, players drive to interact with others. After all, the spirit of the game is to play with others. Each player wants to move their miniature to a strategic position. She wants to look up her spell online as she decides what to cast against the horde of orcs. Players need to make choices and be part of this physical and digital world and adventure.


A Dungeons and Dragons game with its plethora of expansive creations must pull all those who participate into the experience of the game. Miniatures, maps, costume pieces, and publications must tap this need to be part of the game. The forger must become wrapped up in creating a virtual world and authentic adventure. The game master must make it come to life offering characters choices, chances to role play, and opportunities to explore. Players must catch this energy and transform into their characters for the full experience for themselves and the other players on the stage.

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