Dragons in Dungeons


The following is a list of our friendly and exciting challenges of wit and imagination.

Collaborative Storytelling Contest Submissions Open: Jan 30
Submissions Close: Mar 15
Vote: Mar 15 - Mar 21
Winners Anounced: Mar 23
Homebrew Magic Item Contest Submissions Open: Aug 5
Submissions Close: Aug 12
Vote: Aug 12 - Aug 18
Winners Anounced: Aug 19

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The following is a list of our upcoming social events.

Social events are upcoming.

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Come discuss the game and meet fellow group members on our various channels:

Discord is where the exchange before and after the game occurs.

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About Us

The Dragons in Dungeon group strives so hard to deliver inclusive, interactive, imaginative and immersive D&D games for more people to enjoy. We offer

  • campaigns
  • adventures
  • one-shots

We play online and at local game lounges.

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