Dragons in Dungeons

Homebrew Magic Item Contest

Craft that homebrew magic item that you have always wanted in the game. Make it unique. Give it potential. Grant it a story. To enter, type up your entry in the online form provided. Upload an image. (The image does not count as criteria, but we love them anyway.) Then, once submissions close, check out the wondrous arcane items forged by fellow adventurers. A panel of judges, selected from current players, will vote on the most marvelous homebrew magic item. Winners will be announced and contacted. Prized will be awarded for the top three items. Gold will receive a $50 gift card for Hero Forge. Silver will receive a $25 gift card for DM Guild. Bronze will receive a Dind mug.


Use the Contest Collaborative Storytelling Submission form to submit your collaborative story. Submission entry ends 2023-08-12.

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