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Character Studio

Make your fantasy character all the more real

You have spent so much effort crafting your character. You have filled out the character sheet. You have created a most compelling backstory. You are ready to adventure. However, your appetite for character work has just been whetted.

To sate this need, you turn to the Character Studio at Dragons in Dungeon. You see the list of studio packages and you are not sure which to choose.

The Adventurer package will give your character a full body flat colour illustration needed to give your imagination some life. From there, your character will have a portrait for use online as an avatar and a token for use on the virtual or real tabletop.

The Hero package is even more inviting. You will receive a miniature for that character you adore. You will even have a tshirt made with your character's illustration and favourite quip.

For the Master package, you will receive a custom player folio. This folio will have your illustrated character on the cover. Inside will be card sleeve pages for your character's equipment, spells, and secrets. At the back of the folio, you will have lined pages to keep your player journal.



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