Dragons in Dungeons

Dragon Fest was a blast

Revelry reigned at the Dragon Festival

The Dragon Fest was a blast.

Thanks to all the volunteers who maxed out the celebration.

  • Olivia McIntosh
  • Jenna Kaye
  • Rachel Robitaille
  • Daxton White

Thanks to the game masters that delivered games to remember and continue.

  • Justin Reid
  • Lesley Ramlakhan
  • Sergio Montemurro

Thanks to the exhibitors who brought the swag and the community vibe.

  • Nicola Loucks from NyanKhat Creations
  • Bailey from Colla Crochet
  • Sean from Aardnon D&D Miniatures and Ephemera

Thanks to the sponsors for spreading the word and supporting the event.

  • Primal Screen
  • Mash Chestermere
  • Paul's Pizza
  • Whitehorn Community Association
  • Renfrew Community Association
  • Ogre's Den
  • Sentry Box
  • The Dirty Duck
  • The Stoop
  • Dicken's Pub

Thanks especially to the D6 Tabletop Café and their staff for hosting the event and their friendly hospitality.

Most importantly, thank you all for attending. You were all so kind and ready to have fun together. The festival was a true celebration of what we do and who we are thanks to you.

Be sure to stay connected as Dragons in Dungeons and the community continue forward in creating access to great gaming experiences.



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