Dragons in Dungeons

Dragon Fest 2024

Dragon Fest promises to be D&D fun

Dragon Fest 2024 will be about the Calgary D&D community engaged in roleplaying and tabletop frivolity in a safe place.

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Mass Combat - Homebrewed

Mass combat in the middle of a campaign can add context, intensity, and engagement to the story.

Every strong campaign rides the back of a strong story, one that is world-shaking, such as a feudal war or military invasion. This context creates the adventure party missions and the character adventure hooks. However, they do not have the chance to participate in this action - until mass combat shows up at the table.

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World Building Day III - October 12, 2023

Taking that fantasy world and giving it life in the form of maps continues this Thursday, October 12 at the Dind Stronghold.

You have the ideas. You have the sketches. You have the map. (Or you are somewhere along that path.) Now, you are chomping at the bit to make these maps real.

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The Dragons in Dungeon group strives so hard to deliver inclusive, interactive, imaginative and immersive D&D games for more people to enjoy. We offer

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