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D&D Games Decided

Based on poll results, games for Dragon Fest reserved D&D sessions have been named.

You gave use your preferences. We chose the games accordingly. Out of the Abyss, Turn of Fortune's Weel, and Shattered Obelisk.

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What is a One-Shot like?

Dragons in Dungeons will be hosting one-shots for players to experience the D&D game fully.

One shots are games that take one session. They include all the combat, exporation, and roleplay to round out the game experience. They are a direct and fun way to connec with the game and good people.

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Game Masters for Dragon Fest 2024

Game masters needed to make the festival happen.

Dragons in Dungeons is looking to recruit and onboard game masters for Dragon Fest 2024. Game masters need not have extensive experience but must have game understanding and game spirit.

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The Dragons in Dungeon group strives so hard to deliver inclusive, interactive, imaginative and immersive D&D games for more people to enjoy. We offer

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We play online and at local game lounges.

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