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What is a One-Shot like?

Dragons in Dungeons will be hosting one-shots for players to experience the D&D game fully.

The Dragon Fest (https://dragonfest.ca) will include reserved one-shot sessions. What does playing a D&D one-shot look like?

Firstly, the game will be one session long, three hours with a short break to stretch and refresh. Food and bevvies available for purchase.

To play, you will need some dice. Dice trays, dice bags, and dice holders are options for the dice obsessed. Dice are available for purchase at the host D6Tabletop Café if the craving spikes.

Next, you will need the pre-gen character. The character has basics filled out with a background and an adventure hook suitable for the adventure. The rest of the character is yours to build as part of the game. You can keep it for future games. At the table, you will have a counter. Miniatures, character journals, and character illustrations are what come once you have invested in your character. Character sheets are provided online on the group's DndBeyond account. A notebook is always handy.

From there, you place your character on a map and become a part of the fantasy world. Here, you will join your adventure party on a quest. You will encounter traps, solve puzzles, attack monsters, and face up against npc's (non-player characters). Your game master will help you thread together an epic journey.

Lastly, you will meet some good people at the table. You will laugh. You will cheer. You will fret. You will applaud. For the game is not a game if not in the companionship of others.

Be sure to join us at Dragon Fest. When online registration opens, consider signing up for a DinD session.

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